Who is Mickey Gilbert?


My father ran a day camp in the hills of rural New Jersey.  Summer after summer, as a camp counselor, I explored nature, sports, and art with kids of all ages.  It was the last day of camp one summer and one of my campers came up to me.  With a sweet quiver in his voice, he quoted a line from the Wizard Of Oz.  He said, "And you scarecrow, I'll miss most of all."  It was then I knew I would have a career working with children.

Mickey Gilbert has built his life and career around supporting and guiding young adults.  After receiving two Master's degrees, one in Education and the other in Counseling, he found a pulsing interest in working with college bound students.  As a counselor for forty years, Mickey has guided students to seek out their passions, explore their strengths, and ultimately find the right college.  

His philosophy is simple.  He asks his counselees:  How do you want to spend the next four years of your life?  Do you want to look out your dorm window and see the hustle bustle of a big city?  Or an old college campus?  A ski slope?  An ocean?  An interactive art sculpture?  Do you want to paint your face red and blue and sleep outside the stadium to get tickets for the big game, or would you rather participate in an experimental student art exhibit?  And, of course, what do you think you would like to study?

With so many thoughts going on in teenager's minds, the last thing they need is a lecture.  Mickey asks the questions and listens to the answers.  He is a listener.  When he does talk, not only is he experienced, knowledgable, and compassionate, he makes the college search process enjoyable.

email:  mickey4college@yahoo.com                                                                                         telephone: 973-263-0421