What others have to say about Mickey.


Mickey spent as much time as my daughters needed sorting through college options helping them understand what they were really looking for.  His "to do" lists for them and gentle reminder phone calls kept them on schedule with their essays and applications.  With his assistance, my girls were able to take ownership of the process and their choices. 

-Parent,  Montville, NJ

I just finished my sophomore year at Lehigh University in Pennsylvania.  Looking back at my senior year of high school, I realize that one of the best decisions I ever made was to have Mickey Gilbert as my personal guidance counselor.  Applying to college is an overwhelming process but Mickey makes it fun and easy. He gets a sense of who someone is as a student and uses this as a guide to help you figure out where you want to apply.  Mickey built a friendship with me and I am very thankful for this understanding, passion and support in the college process.  I could not have done this without him. 

-Student, Lehigh University

A friend recommended Mickey Gilbert to me when my son Adam, was a junior in high school.  Adam is the oldest of my three children and we were clueless about how to manage the college process.  From our first meeting, Mickey hit it off with Adam and put us at ease.  

Mickey has developed a very organized system to guide students through the whole process- step by step. He is motivating and makes the journey an adventure!  Along the way, the kids are taking ownership and making all the decisions.  Each meeting ends with a punch list of homework.  Mickey even helped Adam plan a college road trip for spring break, complete with mapping, things to look for, what Adam should ask the tour guides and instructions to get the admissions officer's business card so that he could follow up with a thank you note after.

The actual application process was a breeze.  Essay topics were discussed and drafts were completed over the summer.  Then, everything was finalized and sent out ahead of schedule.  I didn't have to do a thing!

Needless to say, we used Mickey two more times for our other children.  I should mention that my children are all very different from each other.  Different personalities, transcripts, needs, wants, and majors. Mickey managed to connect with all of them.  In the end, they all had great colleges to choose from and all ended up loving the schools that they chose.

I recommend Mickey without hesitation.

-Parent,  Randolph, NJ

Our daughter has recently been accepted to her 1st choice!

While that should really say it all regarding our satisfaction with Mickey's work, the journey that they traveled together to get to that acceptance also provided a great experience for her.  From the first meeting with Mickey, we knew that he would take a real interest in our daughter- getting to truly know who she was and applying his knowledge to the college environment to her specific wants and needs.  The process was detailed an focused from the start, and we were so very impressed with how Mickey went about his business.  His method is certainly not "one size fits all" and the results speak for themselves.  Mickey and our daughter clearly worked hard on the project over many sessions together.  But through it all, she learned a lot about herself, came away with a clearer understanding of what she was truly looking for and also had a lot of fun in the process.  We are pleased to heartily recommend Mickey to anyone with college bound children.

-Parent,  Short Hills, NJ

Mickey Gilbert was exactly what we needed.  From targeting the schools that best suited my son's interests, to analyzing and editing application essays, Mickey was a wealth of knowledge.  He completely took the stress out of the college application process.  We will definitely go back to Mickey when our daughter is ready for the college search and application process.

-Parent,  Montville, NJ

I came back from working at summer camp and I panicked.  My friends were bragging how they know the colleges they want to go to and they are ready to send the applications and I didn't know what to do because I didn't do anything yet.  I heard about Mickey Gilbert and I went to him.  He made me feel at ease with a real step by step college search plan even though I was a senior with nothing done so far.

I saw him a lot.  We worked on my college choices, my activity sheet, my essays (I had to write 5 of them), and the applications.  Thanks to Mickey my anxiety vanished- and my college acceptances rolled in! Seniors don't panic, go to Mickey!

-Student,  Wyckoff, NJ

With literally thousands of colleges and universities to choose from, Mickey gets to know your child personally to help narrow the schools that are the best fit.  His personalized attention and advice helped my son focus on what he truly wanted and ultimately achieved his Early Decision acceptance to Bucknell's engineering program.

-Parent,  Morristown, NJ

Mickey was instrumental in helping our daughters choose the best college possible, one that fit them both academically as well as socially.  He really got to know the girls - their personality, their interests, their fears- so he could explore many choices of schools with them.  He focused one each individual step of the process, from beginning to end.  We have recommended him time and time again to family and friends.

-Parent,  Parsippany, NJ

When you choose "Mickey Gilbert's College Choice," you have just made the RIGHT choice!  Your family has just entered the domain of a true processional; a person of integrity and honor.  A real college coach, someone that sees your child as unique and individual and is committed to giving them 100%.  Mickey said to our son and to us at the end of our first meeting, "remember, I'm all yours...don't ever be afraid to call."  I saw that recently in my notes and feel it embodies who Mickey is.  Mickey is a genuinely kind, caring, and lovely man who is very good at what he does.  We feel very lucky to have had him help our son achieve his dream of going to college.  Our son listened and was open to Mickey's advice.  Our son was able to go to the college he dreamed of.

Our son was quickly able to connect with Mickey, who is likable, experienced and organized.  Mickey breaks down the steps of college preparedness into success- driven smaller steps so the teens aren't overwhelmed and stay on task.  He artfully enlists their natural desire to be independent and gets them to do their work.  Mickey works hard at getting them to avoid procrastination.

Mickey takes a lot of the anxiety out of the college application process because he makes the teens feel good about themselves no matter what the end result.  It is not only a relief to have Mickey help your teen with this process but a necessity.

- Parent,  Randolph, NJ

Once again it's time to thank you for all you have done for our sons, this time, Kyle.  You have a gift for counseling young adults and helping them find just the right college.  You have made what would have been a daunting and nerve racking experience into one that was pleasurable and rather stress free.  At a time when most adolescents want to be independent and do things on their own you somehow gained Kyle's confidence and steered him into college and career path that is appropriate and makes sense.  You have been much more than a sounding board to bounce ideas off of.  You have given him guidance that will benefit him for years to come.

-Parent,  Cedar Grove, NJ