Workshop Title: 


A workshop for Middle School students and Ninth and Tenth grade students on how to prepare for the Eleventh Grade College Search process.  We will explore, explain and discuss Resumes, Transcripts, Report Cards, SAT-ACT Testing, The Essay, The Interview, Teacher Recommendations, Campus Visits, The Application, and other College Preparation/Search Topics.  Handouts will be given.  The format is an interactive discussion on how the student can make him/herself a better candidate for college acceptance.  Anticipated workshop length: 1½ hours.  

Workshop Title: 


Money is spent every year to get the best  SAT and ACT scores.  The same dollars are spent in helping students find the best college fit, write the essay, create the resume, and prep for the interview.  Once this is complete a student is accepted and a decision to attend is made.  Mickey Gilbert then takes the next needed step in helping students prepare for that inevitable “from a Senior in high school to a Freshman on campus” transition.  This is an interactive workshop setting.  We will discuss topics such as:

  •  What is it like to have a roommate I never met?
  •  What if I love college but miss home?
  •  What if I don’t love college?
  •  Should I join a fraternity/sorority?
  •  Does everyone drink or do drugs in college?
  •  Is a professor just another teacher?
  •  Who can I call if I need help? 

This workshop is open to college bound Seniors.  It is best offered in spring of the Senior year.  Anticipated workshop length: 1½ hours.

All workshops can take place in a venue suitable for a group of students.   The workshops can be offered (but are not limited) to:  Libraries, Churches, Temples, Community Centers, Girl/Boy Scout Troupes, Tutoring Centers, After School Programs, Sports Programs, School Clubs, etc.

Facilitator for both Workshops:  Mickey Gilbert

Facilitator Bio: 

  • 40 years in education in Passaic, NJ 
  • 36 years as Guidance Counselor at Passaic High School
  • 25 years as Director/College Search Counselor at College Choice
  • University of Bridgeport- B.A. Psychology
  • William Paterson University- Teacher Certification
  • Montclair State University- M.A. Psychology/Counseling
  • Parent Effectiveness Training- Certified Facilitator
  • Post Graduate Work in the counseling field through Rational Emotive Therapy Institute and courses offered through NJEA, College Board, Passaic Board of Education


Please contact Mickey at or 973-263-0421 for a list of References.